Open Space, Office Space Pros and Cons

Open office spaces are the new “norm” when designing office spaces these days.  In fact, this design style has been pretty popular with startups for the past five years or so.

Open work spaces present a cost effective way for businesses to fill that expensive real estate building.  Coming from the “cubicle” way of work into an open work space, the new style of working was initially welcomed.  Having zero to low walls to divide with barriers, created a more collaborative environment for colleagues to vocally share their thoughts and ideas. You might say that the wall-less setup even influenced the more quiet or shy individual to become a bit more talkative and social

Open office spaces

These open spaces are great for team-buildiing or for instances where one’s desk can be  turned into a makeshift conference table by easily rolling each member’s chairs around it.  Some companies make it easy for their employees to gather around one another’s desks to mind map and brainstorm by using desks with white erase boards as the table tops.

dry erase desktop

dry erase desktop

As people have become accustomed to the open spaces,  human nature of course, brings up polar opinions.  As the open office space brings people together, it also sets people apart.  How?  Loss of privacy, for one.  Imagine having everyone in the department on the phone.  It would make it difficult to concentrate on your own phone conversation if in the background, you hear your colleague’s every other word while they are on the phone themselves.  Some people have even said that because there aren’t any walls, their colleagues start to assume they know everything about them; because they are constantly being “observed”.

As such, Office Furniture Solutions has been asked numerous times what might be a middle-ground solution to add privacy to open office spaces that have proven to spawn camaraderie.  We have many furniture brands that create anything from traditional to modern office “privacy” options.

Privacy in open work places Privacy in open work places

Overall, the secret sauce to designing your perfect office space, be it open with a little bit of privacy, private all the way or open all throughout; is to discuss your company’s multiple situations and style with your workspace Designer.  Designers know what is available in the market as far as furniture and because of that knowledge, you will have the office your company deserves….keeping you and your employees happy.



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