Allsteel Terrace 6×6

220 of the Allsteel Terrace 6×6 in a collaborative setting with a mobile cushion top pedestal, Frameless Glass Risers and lots of pre-wired power.. The Allsteel has panels about 4” tall and then add the 6” frameless glass to make them 54” tall.

Excellent in condition. All now in our warehouses and ready to be custom selected and packed to meet your requirements. Thank you for your interest. Call 760-518-6858


  • 250 Haworth Premise 8×6

  • Knoll Dividends Offices

  • Office Master Delta Master Ergonomic Desk Chairs model DB74

  • Knoll Dividends Workplaces

  • Haworth Unigroup Too

  • Teknion TOS

  • Steelcase Height Adjustable Benching Stations

  • Teknion Leverage