Allsteel Terrace 6×8 low wall with glass risers

100 stations, 13 private offices, 6 nice conference rooms plus odds and ends from the building – frosted off the spine and clear with a frosted swirl Frameless Glass on the spine. Nice, call for details, will be in stock on December 1st. Now in Redwood City. Call for details. Jon Driscoll 760-518-6858 


  • 250 Haworth Premise 8×6

  • Knoll Dividends Offices

  • Office Master Delta Master Ergonomic Desk Chairs model DB74

  • Knoll Dividends Workplaces

  • Haworth Unigroup Too

  • Teknion TOS

  • Steelcase Height Adjustable Benching Stations

  • Teknion Leverage