With our new workspace designs, we can supply your requirement in less time, for less money, and only YOU ever need to know how it was done!

We invest the time you deserve to learn and understand your unique requirements.

From there we determine the best solution, whether it is all new cubicles or a combination of pre-owned cubicles with factory new furnishings. We represent the best Factory Direct Options, whether you require fully Segmented Tile Panel Systems or collaborative ZETA Series, Benching workplaces; we have the right solution. Whether it’s ten stations in ten days or two hundred in two weeks, we have the product, service, and integrity to meet your requirements.

At a critical time when your company needs you focusing on your core responsibilities, you can trust your needs to OfficeFurnitureSolutions.com. We represent not only one of the best buys, but one of the best resources available. We have pre-selected a great combination of Local and Global manufacturers of Office Furniture, Office Files, Office Seating, Conference Tables, Leather Desk Chairs, Home office Furniture, Small Office Seating, and Conference Seating with a special emphasis to select from the extensive inventories in stock and ready to install. We can supply your requirement in less time, for less money, and only you ever need to know how you did it. If after learning and understanding your unique requirements, it’s determined the best solution is to combine pre-owned furniture or used cubicles with factory new furnishings, no worries – we represent some of the best quality pre-owned office furniture available for Private Offices, Seating, Conference rooms, Cubical workstations and Files all on display at OfficeFurnitureSolutions.com.

If there’s one constant in the ever-changing business world it’s that good business practices are a necessity. Definitions of these practices may shift like the wind, but one edict remains so consistent as to become a cliché – SAVE MONEY BUT DON’T FORSAKE QUALITY.

The geography of the individual workspace is changing. Space on hand is lessoning, while the expectations of that space are growing. Reconfigurations are happening more often, so the mechanics of office furniture must be multi-functional. The ZETA® Series flexes but never breaks!

Well designed workspaces accommodate a wide range of workers and work styles, all while enabling connections in the workplace. The result is dynamic environments that can support slight or considerable change.

Space is lessoning, while expectations are growing. How can we make a small space function as if it were twice the size? ANSWER… The ZETA® SERIES.

What We Can Do For You…

As you consider these designs please note we can meet your exact specifications plus we have the ability to build additional value into the product thru the use of functional options like glass tiles, metal tiles, air flow tiles, belt line data, communications and power raceways all easily added at any time to our changeable systems offerings.

Plus some of our offerings give you the option of over 500 fabrics all at the same price, over 600 laminates, 5 trim finishes and 4 work surface edge treatments. All USA manufactured work surfaces and electrical systems. Power is provided via an 8-wire/3 or 4-circuit electrical system installed through the base as standard or you can upgrade to install the access points to above or below the work surfaces.

Everything we’ve mentioned – all new, high quality, beautiful fit and finish, almost unlimited combinations of fabrics and work surface finishes, structurally stackable fully segmented and lots of glass tiles as shown by the following designs, can be delivered to your jobsite.

We design, deliver and install nationwide.