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Form + Function + Production = Our Zeta Series

Help your employees achieve their best by providing them an effective, dynamic work environment. The fully modular design of the Z-Series allows easy integration with a variety of corporate styles and can readily blend into your existing work place. With work flow shifting to collaborative teams and speed a top priority, the Z-Series was designed to enhance communication and provide a more efficient form.

Another great benefit of the Z-Series is its compatibility with existing cubicle systems and desk systems. It was designed to be cooperative and interchangeable with itself and other systems.


Your nationwide ZETA partner

No matter where you are located, your office can count on Office Furniture Solutions to get you setup with the ZETA at a price that makes sense using the Zeta Pods, Zeta Desks, Zeta Privacy Cubicles, Zeta Training Tables, Zeta Screens.  We know the importance of having the right office furniture setup and we’ll bring that to fruition for you here at Office Furniture Solutions.