For delivery, you will receive your order which will meet your exact specifications, as drawn up in your contract and meeting your special deadline. Rest assured – after 25 years of office furniture and work station installation deliveries, we’re used to meeting tight deadlines and handling valuable cargo.

In fact, our Office Furniture Solutions trucks transport furniture to clients in more than 20 cities around the West Coast. We’re experts at bringing your cubicles and systems furniture order right to your door. For other cities across the United States, we work with a select group of experienced long-haul carriers who are used to transporting quality office furniture.

The installation of your office work stations and modular office furniture is just another added benefit. Office Furniture Solutions delivery personnel are highly trained in installing your office cubicles, as outlined in your customized furnishings plan. When we work with companies in states outside of the California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Nevada region, we have a list of reputable and experienced installation professionals, who will install your work stations, just like we would.

We charge a fair price to have your office furniture delivered and your work stations installed professionally exactly to your specifications. And you know exactly what we will deliver, when it will be installed and how much the delivery and installation will cost. It will be spelled out in writing on your contract and separate from the office furniture costs.

The goal for Office Furniture Solutions’ delivery and installation team is a satisfied customer. Our staff will contact you soon after the office furniture installation is complete, so we can get your feedback.  After all, we strive to exceed your expectations!