How To Lease Office Space

How To Lease Office Space

Experience Counts

Start-up enterprises can get plenty of advice on writing business plans, choosing Internet services and even buying postage. But it isn’t always obvious how to go about leasing office space or leasing retail space. Just finding vacant space can be tricky, while navigating leases can seem like learning a foreign language. Further, unlike residential transactions, commercial real-estate prices and conditions on the lease aren’t matters of public record.

Still, finding the right place for your business and negotiating a lease are essential to success. In a sense, signing a lease may be “the most important thing” a business owner does, says Barry Lang-Hodge, general counsel of LILI-CO of Franklin, Ohio, the second largest Domino’s Pizza franchisee in the U.S.

Know what you want and need -Location hunting isn’t simply a matter of finding an attractive space. Is it convenient for your employees? Are you paying for amenities you don’t need? Are there nighttime-security issues? Can you expand if you grow faster than expected? Can you negotiate over remodeling expenses?

Assemble a leasing team – and a Commercial Real-Estate Agent – Professionals can help, at we will provide cost effective guidance on making a space fit specific business needs. Recently we worked with a new company’s Principle, to help him select the right space for her new business. After looking at numerous locations they narrowed it to three spaces. She called and we set about learning how they wanted their office to work, how twelve employees needed to work together and what they would be doing. From there we developed a plan and laid that plan in each of the final three spaces. The really good news was their requirements were met perfectly in the smallest of the three spaces. Thru good planning by the business’s owners their savings in rent alone will pay for the furniture in less then eighteen months. Wow that’s like getting free furniture.

How to select the right solution starts with good planning and our understanding of your requirements, then we can tour you thru our 14,000 square feet of showroom and warehousing to provide you a hands on real time inspection not picking something out of a paper catalogue then we design a fully 3D layout of your space and you via the computer screen can walk right into your new virtual office and see how it fits.

We Can Help!

What to do next? Call us at at (801) 979-0806 & (713) 545-0744, we have a network of Professional Realtors, Networking and Communications Installers, Carpet, Electrical, Construction and Move Management Contractors available to work as your team, on your schedule to meet your needs and save you money.