Facilities Infrastructure

Facilities Infrastructure

The State of California and the Silicon Valley in particular is producing an unprecedented number of new companies with exciting new technologies at a rate unsurpassed in the last five years. These exciting times demand that we harness opportunities within ourselves to bring forth new thoughts, processes, and creative ways to support the requirements these new companies so desperately need.

As new companies poise themselves to bring forth their own vision of leading edge technologies so do we sense the vision and recognize the need to approach Facilities Infrastructure from a specifically designed leading edge perspective.

Mr. Ralph Gervitz (Ralph) has led the industry for over fifteen years through his thoughtful, and creative talents specific to Facilities Infrastructure Management Technology. He has co-developed and leads our Companies vision and implementation as the Director of Infrastructure Technology. “All enterprises provide either goods or services as their core business mission. All enterprises need four common elements to fulfill this mission: People, Places to house the People (Facilities), Things and Tools (Assets) that allow the People to be effective, and Capital. These components make up the core infrastructure of an organization” is Ralph’s mantra.

In order to incorporate a well established facilities mission, and statement of commitment to these visionary companies an experienced Infrastructure Project Manager will be required to provide solutions that allow corporations to proactively manage and maintain all of its “People, Places and Things.” Our collective knowledge, instinct, and expertise will provide a suite of tools and products that recognize the standards necessary for high growth enterprises. Our mission is to provide tightly integrated solutions for Infrastructure Operations, and Facilities Management, Real Estate Management, Maintenance Management, and Asset/IT Connectivity Management.  OfficeFurnitureSolutions.com is the go to Company to receive clear and directed action towards achieving maximum results required for all these companies while smartly positioning them for high growth potential.

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The Core of Facilities Infrastructure Technology

Facilities Infrastructure Technology is the management of anything and everything a company owns, purchases, leases, borrows or otherwise acquires, throughout each item’s entire life cycle to the point where it is retired.

The core of facilities management includes properties (buildings, campuses, specific rooms), physical assets (furniture, fixtures, and office equipment), HVAC, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, signage, interior and exterior walls, personnel, and organizational employees, Human Resources, department staffing, vendors, and contractors, workflow, processes and procedures.

All newly funded technologies will be required to expand to meet all their business goals. It is our directive at OfficeFurnitureSolutions.com to provide the best foundation in leading edge technology with regards to all your companies’ growth requirements. All newly funded companies will need to smartly position themselves for fast track expansion processes. It will be even more paramount for them to have the freedom to concentrate on their core business activities, and not be burdened, or sidetracked by the many details required to create a solid Facilities Infrastructure foundation.

Understanding the individual needs and requirements of these companies early on in their growth cycles make it imperative in the creation of a well thought out Facilities Infrastructure Technology.

Office Furniture Solutions is the go-to Company to receive clear and directed action towards achieving maximum results. To reach us direct with any questions or to make appointments please call (801) 979-0806 & (713) 545-0744