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More than 25 years ago Jon Driscoll, owner of Office Furniture Solutions, began helping businesses with their office furniture needs. He realized there was a great need for businesses to get assistance with the entire process of bringing new furniture into their facility and taking out the old. So he set out to build a business that offered full service solutions.

However difficult the details may be when preparing to redesign any workplace, it can still be a pleasant experience especially for those who stand to gain from the luxury of this new office furniture. Everyone appreciates the comfort a new work station can bring. Plus, Office Furniture Solutions simplifies the process so thoroughly that even a major overhaul is easily managed.

Our team of experts will correspond directly with you to facilitate the details from taking each work stations measurements and discussing your desired concepts to analyzing the blue prints. We put the entire project together for you. We’ve handled so many office design situations that there is probably not an office furniture situation that we haven’t handled. Every office is unique and we don’t offer cookie-cutter workstations. However, because of our experience and streamlined systems in place most of the elements you may find cumbersome and challenging while designing a new office environment we’ve already tackled.

Now, what are you going to do with all that existing used furniture and what do you think it may be worth? If you think it has no value, think again. Office Furniture Solutions specializes in evaluating the existing equity value of used office furniture. We can quickly asses your equity position, apply it to your future purchase and manage the entire move-out. OfficeFurnitureSolutions.com is more than a furniture installation company. We are experts in helping you get the most out of your used furniture assets while keeping your costs down.

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Our in-house design services

Our specification process will maximize the use of your existing furniture in order to minimize your investment cost in new product. These teams have in-depth knowledge and experience with all manufactured office furniture systems. We will quickly evaluate your current equity position with your existing inventory and facilitate your entire trade in, applying the equity to your new purchase. We employ only highly experienced, professional furniture installation professionals. From the moment we start, your project manager will handle all estimates, coordination, and communication throughout the job cycle, to ensure the work is done in harmony with other vendors. If an entire office move or relocation is required, OfficeFurnitureSolutions.com is at your service. Inventory Management is an crucial aspect of project execution and to help you manage your existing furniture assets, we will perform an in-depth onsite inventory audit. Our efforts will include transportation and utilization of existing furniture for new projects and will include disposal of outdated or unusable product, to create a custom office interior design that fits your needs whether your corporate style is team oriented or more individual.  An office design specialist will be assigned to your project, providing access to entire libraries of specific manufacturer’s requirements. There is not a detail overlooked within your comprehensive and strategic outline of your final desired plan. These details will be usable by all vendors from construction to telecom.

Jon Driscoll, Founder of Office Furniture Solutions

OfficeFurnitureSolutions.com is ready to provide services, whether you are simply replacing existing furniture or orchestrating an entire corporate move our process brings it all together for you. Our full service “solutions”-based process will simplify the entire transition. Our experts immediately establish your existing equity position and determine your trade-in value which can quite often be rather substantial. We then simply apply it to any purchase you make with our company. Our goal is to allow you the opportunity to continue running your business as usual while we do the work for you.

If you’d like to become a partner or reseller with us, contact us and we’d welcome a chance to connect!  

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