6×6 or 6×8 Workplaces Including Credenza

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Modern benching design, tops are 72” and 78” wide. Workplace includes monitor arms, Credenza does come with attachable pin and writing board screen. We can change the size of the Credenza by remanufacturing. The as now the station is either 72×72 or 78×72, all matching.

Price is $485 delivered based on quantity and layout – these are set up in groups of 4 persons (two each side by side) or 6 persons (two each side by side). Subject to quantities on hand at time of order.

Plus with the above we will include a Steelcase V2 Leap chair in excellent condition for $150 each delivered along with the benching layouts. And there are matching conference rooms, conference chairs, mobile training room tables 72×30, even a ping pong table plus Cafe tables and seating and lots more to fill out even the most discriminating clients facility.