6x6x54 Steelcase Answer

Great Opportunity to select just the quantities of workstations that you want from a great inventory consisting of 325 each 6x6x54 Steelcase Answer workstations, great condition, complete and ready now. Each has a Steelcase height adjustable base (dual motor, 3 tier). Now selling from job site before shipping balance to Temecula, CA warehouse. The typical configuration is six person clusters with a pair of stations on both sides of the spine having a center opening (see picture #7) being separated by a 54” tall 24” wide panel and then on the end there are two stations with panels on three sides. Features are Air Flow Tiles, Belt line power and data plug locations, 36” wide low open shelf, a file/file pedestals and a freestanding electric height adjustable table with a 24×48 top. Also there are very good condition Steelcase Think Desk Chairs. There are also 25 Manager Stations that are 8x8x65” tall with overhead storage, a U-shape interior with a 60” wide front surface, a 48” wide bridge and a 96” wide rear surface lots of personal storage pedestals. Please call for truck load pricing direct from job site.

Thank you.
Jonas Persch
TradeIn. Inc.
(801) 979-0806 & (713) 545-0744

Interior components – this is an end station with panels on three sides.