Herman Miller Canvas from a High Tech Ofc

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From a well-known search engine, we have a super, like-new inventory available. First phase of 130 workspaces available in October.  Subsequent workspaces will be coming out in February 2017, totaling 500+ workspaces.  Pricing is for first phase inventory only.  If interested in entire lot pricing, we are open to offers and discussion about your office ideas!

New contemporary style, we have 130 workstations 8×6 in size.  All finishes match and are dark silver with Summer White fabric and surfaces.

Per Workspace:  $395
Whole Lot: $47,750


  • Haworth Unigroup Too

  • Teknion TOS

  • Steelcase Height Adjustable Benching Stations

  • Teknion Leverage

  • Dividends Steelcase Krug

  • Steelcase Answer 6x6x53

  • Allsteel Terrace 6×6

  • Friant