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Ready now from stock we have 120 to 160 co-working stations, these where originally installed as shared 6×7 or 8×7 workplaces in and L-shape with the workplaces sharing a common center spine.  Each person work space in the original configuration includes a 84×30 surface, a 66×24 surface, a 30″ wide 2-drawer lateral file, a 30″ wide 2 shelf bookcase and a 3-drawer freestanding pedestal.
We can redesign options to meet a client’s needs from the original layout into several new and even more exciting options to include two configurations that provide a linear benching option or even a three person co-working shared space. The fabric portion of the panels is 36″ tall and houses the pre-wired electrical system as well as supports the data and communications cable runs that the new user will have installed.  All data, com and power plugs are above the work surface saving headaches (literally from hitting ones head on the work surface), above the fabric portion of the panel there then is either a 15″ x 84″ frosted glass stack on tile or a 24″ x 96″ frosted glass tile or a 48″ x 24″ open tile. These glass and open tile define the personal team workspace while offering contemporary productive appearance.