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We have 46 each 6x6x54 matching Ethospace workplaces in stock and we want to move them.  Great lot price for all 46 stations.  There are 12 stations that where 62 and 54”  and 34 stations that where all 54” tall.  more

 Haworth Unigroup Power Base workstations

Each 8×8 station has two corner surfaces, one straight, one Combo File, writing surface and two flipper door units – more

Steelcase Answer all 6x6x54  SOLD October 2018

6x6x54 Steelcase Answer workstations, great condition, complete and ready now. Each has a Steelcase height adjustable base (dual motor, 3 tier). Now selling from job site before shipping balance to Temecula, CA warehouse – more

Steelcase Answer Workplace   SOLD August 2018

Over 250 person facility provides many options to configure these workplaces into just what you need. From low wall collaborative areas to mid height separation with frosted glass risers. – more

Ergonomic Desk Chairs   SOLD July 2018

200 of these very good condition Office Master Delta Master Ergonomic Desk Chairs model DB74. We have arm and armless models available – more

Knoll Dividends   SOLD July 2018

120+ workplaces of very nice Knoll dividends. We can ship quantities to meet your project needs. Low panels with Glass risers, mobile pedestal and lots more. Lots of other nice furniture is also available. Please call for details – more

Knoll Dividends Offices  SOLD September 2018

340 each 8×10 stations with 80” tall very nice condition Knoll Dividends offices. Very high security building so first time could not bring in camera – more

 Haworth Premise  SOLD Aug 2018

We can sell in truck load lots – 35-60 stations per truck load. 35% are Hi Lo. 2008 and 2009 product. With the number of 24” wide panels seems easy to build 6×6, 6×8, 8×6 and 8x – more

 Haworth TOO 300 stations   SOLD August 2018

300 stations are 6x6x54, basically all 3’ panels.  54″h, powered on spline, 30×72 main surface with a 30²d FF ped, return 42×24 with BBF and a 3¹ 1/2 height shelf – more

Haworth TOO 157 stations   SOLD June 2018

157 Very good condition 6x6x54″H Haworth Unigroup Too ready now in Southern California – more

Teknion TOS   SOLD April 2018

40+ station inventory of tall Teknion TOS.  The stations are 6×8 and 8×6 with a 3-drawer pedestal, a 2-drawer lateral file, two enclosed overheads, paper management trays and nice colors.- more

 Steelcase Height Adjustable   SOLD May 2018

Steelcase Height Adjustable Benching / Call Center / and Managers Stations – more

  Teknion Leverage   SOLD June 2018

We have your solution for collaborative workstations! These beautiful Teknion Leverage stations are set up in a four person collaborative groupings. Over 700 workplaces available! – more

  Dividends Steelcase Krug   SOLD April 2018

Like-new Dividends 12 person Collaborative Groups 6×6 and 6×8. Private offices in Dark Walnut by Steelcase as well as Amber Maple Offices and conference tables – more

  Friant   SOLD April 2018

150 of the Friant sizes are 6×6, 6×7 and 6×8. We have at least 50 of these in 6×6. Pricing will range from $495 loaded to $595 loaded. Range is due to limited quantity of 6×6’s we took in – for example is you needed 75 6×6 stations we’d have the first 50 at $495 and the balance at $595 due to our having to remanufacture 4’ panels into other sizes we’d need. – more

  Steelcase Answer 6x6x53   SOLD April 2018

300 very nice Steelcase Answer 6x6x53” tall workplaces. Typical workplace includes a 6/12 36” wide undersurface lateral file, paper tray accessories (as available from jobsite), Glass tile and power on center spine. – more

  Allsteel Terrace 6×6    SOLD – May 2018

220 Allsteel Terrace these are 6×6 in a collaborative setting with a mobile cushion top pedestal, Frameless Glass Risers and lots of pre-wired power and panels about 4” tall and then add the 6” frameless glass to make them 54” tall. – more

  Steelcase and Knoll   SOLD April 2018
Fantastic inventory ready now from Southern California, 60 private offices and 250 stations Steelcase and Knoll products. – more
 Allsteel Terrace 6×8 low wall with glass risers
100 stations, 13 private offices, 6 nice conference rooms plus odds and ends from the building – frosted off the spine and clear with a frosted swirl Frameless Glass spine – more
  Haworth Premise Stacking    SOLD April 2018

100 stations of fully stacking Haworth Premise. Frame widths are 24, 36, 48 for 6×6 etc.; panel frames start at 32, then 16” stacker to 48 then 16” glass or fabric stacker – more

  Height Adjustable Tables   SOLD March 2018

44 HAT workplaces with Screens and HatRack power/data & 44 skinny pedestals, 31 excellent Aeron Desk Chairs size B and 4 Steelcase Think Desk Chairs – more