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Bay Area Standing Workstation Desks

are a fast-growing and more sought-after workstation setup these days. It probably stems from a combination of so much more computer time and the need for more physical activity just for health reasons. Phys.org just did a highly interesting study on working while standing up and the results of teamwork and physiological positivity support the mental and physical benefits to working while standing. Read more.

If you are in the need for a stand-up desk workstation or any standup workstation setups, please feel free to contact us at Office Furniture Solutions. As we mentioned in our opening statements, this is becoming a highly requested setup for many office interior designs and we may have just what you’re looking for to standup and work “well”.

We also specialize in new and used office furniture office designs. Contact us at either of our office locations: Southern California (801) 979-0806 and Northern California (713) 545-0744. We’ll be glad to help!