Space planning is an essential element of any project and efficient planning serves the dual purpose of providing extra space to work as well as boosting employee morale. Dealers often refer to office cubicles as “systems furniture.”

There are many factors that need to be given due consideration when planning the installation of cubicles:
  • The shape and area of the room where the cubicles are to be installed are primary factors to be considered.
  • The amount of natural light available and the entrances and exits to the office are also factors that cannot be neglected.
  • How the permanent or load bearing walls affect the open space in the office is important.
  • The access to various service lines such as electric power and data network connections along with access to communication lines is a significant factor to be considered while planning.
  • Cubicle space planning should facilitate easy access to all equipment required by workers especially equipments like printers, fax machines, or photocopiers that need constant access.
  • The furniture should be placed in such a way that it is not an obstruction to the flow of air.
  • The height and width of the doors also matters to a certain extent, as well the direction in which they open.
  • The height and variations throughout the floor are also considered.

Cubicles should be planned to provide maximum noise reduction, but also provide easy access. Proper cubicle space planning creates a work environment that best suits the work style and the enterprise. When planning cubicles, employee comfort is the most important factor to be considered, as they spend a great amount of time working in the office. Hence, while cubicle space planning, major aspects of work environment, that is, people, design, and functions are considered. When looking at physical space, parameters such as existing furniture, overall dimensions, and service lines are taken into account. The expectation of the space’s overall efficiency and the organization’s workflow are also equally important.