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Open Space, Office Space Pros and Cons

Open office spaces are the new “norm” when designing office spaces these days.  In fact, this design style has been pretty popular with startups for the past five years or so. Open work spaces present a cost effective way for businesses to fill that expensive real estate building.  Coming from the “cubicle” way of work…

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How To Lease Office Space

Experience Counts Start-up enterprises can get plenty of advice on writing business plans, choosing Internet services and even buying postage. But it isn’t always obvious how to go about leasing office space or leasing retail space. Just finding vacant space can be tricky, while navigating leases can seem like learning a foreign language. Further, unlike…

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Facilities Infrastructure

The State of California and the Silicon Valley in particular is producing an unprecedented number of new companies with exciting new technologies at a rate unsurpassed in the last five years. These exciting times demand that we harness opportunities within ourselves to bring forth new thoughts, processes, and creative ways to support the requirements these…

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