Standing Desks aka HATs (Height Adjustable Tables) Are The New In Thing! Back to top

Standing Desks aka HATs

Standing Desks are becoming a fast-growing and more sought-after workstation setup these days. It probably stems from a combination of so much more computer time and the need for more physical activity just for health reasons. just did a highly interesting study on working while standing up and the results of teamwork and physiological…

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Gas Prices Encourage Telecommuting Back to top

Gas Prices Encourage Telecommuting

Brent Cranfield can thank his boss for saving him money at the pump. With gas prices so high, Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson is letting staffers telecommute one day a week this summer. For Cranfield, who works in the communications office, that means one less trip each week in his Ford Explorer from suburban Marietta…

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How To Create A Home Office Back to top

How To Create A Home Office

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE – Office Furniture Solutions is here to help you enjoy and be profitable in your home & commercial offices.  Deciding on your workspace whether its for the home based corporate executive, or an entrepreneurial dream come true, has left many with a lack of ‘how-to’ turn a room into a workspace.  Up to…

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