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We are an energetic and innovative team of dedicated professionals engaged for over twenty-four years in the commerce of office furniture. Through our expertise in overall project management, including consultation, acquisition of new and pre-owned office furniture, design & specification, and delivery / installation, we provide on-time, complete turnkey solutions. We also offer the option to dispose of a client’s existing office furniture and applying the value of that investment towards their next solution, thus freeing up a client’s valuable time and attention when their company needs their clear focus on completing existing business transactions and transitioning into a new facility. provides exceptional value in complete office furniture solutions.

Want a new furniture solution for zero money out of your pocket?  Would you like to have the equity in your existing office furniture pay all the upfront costs of your new solution?

Call today and learn how you can Trade In your existing office furniture for cash or new quality ZETA® systems furniture.  Apply your old furniture’s equity to pay the start up costs of a new lease or we can rebate that amount directly back to you.

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